Very few solid substances will permanently adhere to a Teflon® finish. Although tacky materials may show some adhesion, almost all substance release easily.

Low Coefficient of Friction

The coefficient of friction of Teflon® is generally in the range of 0.05 to 0.20, depending on the load, sliding speed and particular Teflon® coating used.


Since surfaces coated with Teflon® are both oleophobic and hydrophobic, they are not readily wetted. Cleanup is easier and more thorough – in many cases, surfaces are self-cleaning.

Heat Resistance

Teflon® industrial coating can operate continuously at temperatures up to 550f/285c with adequate ventilation.

Cryogenic Stability

Many Teflon® industrial coating withstands severe temperature extremes without loss of physical properties. Teflon® industrial coating may used at temperatures as low as -454f/-270c.

Chemical Resistance

Teflon® is normally unaffected by chemical environments. Upon request, Sun Coating Company will coat samples for you to evaluate the selected Teflon® coating for your specific application.

Unique Electrical Properties

Over a wide range of frequencies, Teflon® has high dielectric strength, low dissipation factor, and very high surface resistively.

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